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Medical and Healthcare Recruitment
Accent Health Staff

About Us

Accent Health Recruitment was set up as a health recruitment agency in 2004. Our team at Accent have a very good knowledge of the New Zealand healthcare system and we have worked both internationally and nationally within the healthcare industry. Combined, we have over 27 years' experience in medical recruitment. We are well aware of the differences in the health system and have experienced first-hand the challenges that applicants face when relocating from overseas to New Zealand - We do our best to match your skills and needs with the ideal employer, role and location.

What makes us different to other recruitment agencies?

We specialise in assisting overseas healthcare professionals with their registration, job search and relocation to NZ. We know about the obstacles you are going to face during this process and we are here to help you.

Our recruitment consultants will assist and support you throughout the entire NZ process; we will maintain contact with you from your initial enquiry right up until long after your arrival in NZ - We understand the job is just one factor of many when it comes to planning your whole journey!

Being based in New Zealand, working with ACCENT means you already have one foot in the door - We have continuous contact and have built positive relationships with a variet y of employers; public and private, hospitals and clinics, urban and rural - throughout NZ. Our local knowledge will save you time and stress, and means that you won't miss out on any relevant opportunities.

The Recruitment process

Want to know what to expect from our recruitment process and how we can help you?

Accent want to work exclusively with you throughout the entire job search process; from your very first enquiry to us, right through to your arrival in NZ and beyond - this allows us to provide continuity and a high-quality service to both you and the NZ employer.

The foundation

Contact us to kick-start your initial enquiry and tell us a little bit about yourself. It is always beneficial if you send through a copy of your current CV for us to review before we speak with you. You can contact us by UK Freephone, NZ phone, or email.

We will respond to your initial enquiry within 24-48 hours and ask you some questions to find out more about your situation and plans. You can respond to our email as soon as you get the chance and we will aim to arrange a time to speak with you via skype, phone or email at a last resort, to discuss your situation in further detail. This is a great opportunity for you to have all of your queries answered about working in NZ.

Regardless of your situation, will be able to offer you advice on where to go from here or help you get your plans into action - as soon as you are ready to do so. We understand plans and a process like this do not fall into place overnight, therefore we will do our best to work with you and your timeframe, not the other way around. Do not feel pressured if your plans are not imminent, we will still be delighted to answer your questions and stay in touch in the meantime. The purpose of the phone call is for you and ACCENT to establish a relationship; your recruiter will want to find out about your skills, needs and plans for NZ, while you will want to find out about what kind of support you can expect to receive.

Your recruiter will send through some screening documents and forms for you to complete. By completing the professional recruitment process (and assisting you with your NZ registration application concurrently) it allows Accent to provide a great deal of reassurance for the NZ employer that you are indeed eligible to work in NZ and meet the start date timeframe they require. A lot of people who do this process themselves can end up losing a job offer or contract due to the fact that they do not understand the entire processing time, nor allow for flexibility with their plans if something comes up, which in turn, can result in the employer offering the job to someone who is more imminent. If you choose to work with Accent, they will ensure this does not happen to you.

The employment search and interview preparation

Once you start your registration application with the appropriate professional body, you recruiter will want to maintain contact with you throughout the process. If you ever have any queries or encounter any hiccups along the way, you can always contact your recruiter for advice and support. This also allows us to stay up to date with your progress and maintain an understanding of your situation. If your plans go on hold for whatever reason, don't be afraid to tell us - we will understand.

When your registration is underway or almost complete and we have conducted written professional reference checks, we will commence and conduct the job search on your behalf. This maximises the amount of opportunities we will present to you as we will be able to utilise our local and national contacts. We will stay in touch with you to make sure we are on the same page regarding your preferences and abilities and discuss vacancies with you. Keep in mind; the more flexible you are on location, the more opportunities we can present to you before narrowing them down.

Accent will communicate directly with the employer on your behalf. This is very helpful when it comes to working around time zone differences while participating in shift work and carrying out other life appointments - Accent will keep everything as hassle free for you and the employer as possible. The employer will notify your recruiter if they prefer to interview you by phone or by skype. Your recruiter will schedule a time with you to discuss interview preparation, education and skills/techniques in order to maximise your interview performance. Overseas candidates do not have the benefit of meeting the employer in person, so we will do our best to help you make the best first impression you have ever made.

Once you have completed your interview with the potential employer, they will take some time to make a decision - be aware a verbal offer can be made as early as at the end of the interview and on the other hand it can take a number of weeks. This completely depends on the employer and their situation. The employer will then notify your recruiter if you have been successful. From there, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to 6 weeks for an employer to produce a contract in writing.

The relocation

Once you have accepted a contract and begun your visa application process, your Accent recruiter will assist and guide you through the relocation process and notify you of what to expect during this phase. They will be able to send you handy research links and contacts, put you in touch with a recent candidate who has also made the move so that you have a transition buddy to utilise when you arrive in NZ. Accent will support you as much as they can during this time. The timeframe of your arrival can be as little as a couple of weeks up to 6 months or more (this entirely depends on the agreed contract, your situation and availability).

Once you arrive in NZ your recruiter will still prefer to maintain contact with you to ensure you have a smooth transition into your new way of life and in case you do hit some arrival road bumps you will have someone local to rely on who will help you out.

Be aware, a lot can happen in between each of these steps according to your situation, and sometimes the process may happen in a completely different order depending on your occupation or the vacancy.

One thing that will remain constant is that the team at Accent are flexible and adaptable to your plans. We look forward to assisting you.

Contact Us

Let us know where and when you want to work here, and we'll take it from there.

Accent Health Recruitment - A New Zealand nursing and medical recruitment agency finding jobs for doctors, nurses jobs and other medical professionals in NZ.

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