Elise Dalrymple-Keast


Elise joined the ACCENT Health Recruitment team in 2018 as our Marketing & Content Manager. 

Alongside her role, Elise is currently completing her studies at the University of Auckland; majoring in Communications and Politics & International Relations. She enjoys going to the gym, cooking, hiking, photography and travel. She has been to 21 countries (so far), including a Work & Travel year in Germany; and speaks fluent German and entry level Chinese.

Elise is incredibly passionate about conveying how amazing working in New Zealand is to potential recruits as well as showcasing the support ACCENT offers in the process of relocating.

Her first hand experience of living and working overseas means she knows the kind of information potential recruits seek. 

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on ACCENT’s Facebook page, website or webinars, please don’t hesitate to send Elise an email on


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"Once arriving in New Zealand the support form Accent Health Recruitment did not stop.  The entire staff so all they can for their clients, they provide you all the support and guidance you need."

Jacque - Occupational Therapist