ConsIMG_15181.JPGultant Anesthetist, West Coast/Canterbury

I am a Consultant Anaesthetist, I have moved from Birmingham in May 2013. I am employed at the West Coast DHB / Canterbury DHB.

The timing worked out well, I had a job interview and was offered the job and was given nearly 12 months to resign from my job in the NHS and make the move out here. The process took 18 months.

The easiest part was the interview by skype and the hardest part was making up the mind for when to leave and how long to stay in NZ.

NZ is a beautiful country and people are helpful and friendly. The paper work looks cumbersome but once you start processing it moves pretty fast.

I have not seen enough of NZ to decide on the best part. All I can say is Greymouth is a beautiful place and gives you just enough work to keep me going and enough time to relax, and that is what I needed Post retirement from NHS UK.

At the moment I miss my wife most as she is yet to join me. I miss my friends in UK too!

As a suggestion, if you are driving a decent car you are attached to it then do consider bringing it here – it looks a cumbersome process but it is not as difficult as it sounds. The cars can be expensive here.

When I arrived I was picked up at the airport, taken to my MCNZ meeting by one of the Accent team. I had dinner with another one of the team at their house and have had regular contact since.

The contract I was offered was for 1 year and I have already extended it to 2 years!