Migration Insurance including Travel Insurance  

Migration Cover is a Migration Insurance (which includes travel insurance) created specifically for people who are moving to, or those who have already moved to New Zealand within the last two years. We aim to alleviate the risks and concerns you have, to give you confidence to make the move and enjoy your new life.

If you are worried about the big move to the other side of the world, Migration Cover is here to help! This unique insurance product was created as a direct result of listening to people who are moving to a new country, and understanding and empathising with their concerns about the move. 

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Our experience has shown that people who are moving to a new country are concerned about:

  • Leaving their family behind
  • Leaving their property behind
  • Losing their job in their new country
  • Illness or death in the family (family emergencies back home)
  • Travel Insurance for their one way journey to their new country and when they arrive.

That is why we created Migration Cover!

You can tailor a Migration Cover Package to suit your needs.

 Choose from 3 options with add-ons and KIDS ARE FREE!





Peace of mind for your big move is more affordable than you think!


By selecting our Pay by the Month payment option, you may also contribute to your credit rating in New Zealand!

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*Conditions apply. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for full details, conditions and exclusions.
This product does not cover income replacement.