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Hayley Cullen

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Hayley brings a 23 year nursing and counselling background with her, working in various specialties.  She has an extensive knowledge of the New Zealand healthcare system and a keen interest in understanding and supporting people with big life decisions.

Over the years Hayley has lived and worked in Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch. She has travelled extensively throughout New Zealand and feels passionately about sharing her knowledge with candidates who are looking to work and live in this beautiful country.  She spent over 10 years travelling overseas, living in Europe and the United States, where she acquired her nursing registration. This has given her a first-hand experience of the process of immigrating and all that entails.

Hayley has a young, busy family and she enjoys spending time with them having adventures. She also finds time for running, reading, listening to music and socialising. Hayley prides herself on her warm, friendly manner and endeavours to support candidates wholeheartedly in making their immigration dreams become a reality.


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