Case Studies Nurses And Midwives

Elissa - Registered Nurse

"For anyone contemplating the move, especially those with small kids, I say go for it!"

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Lorraine - Registered Nurse ICU

"I like the lifestyle, you don’t have the hustle and bustle and overcrowding, people are always warm and friendly."

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Katie - Registered Nurse ICU

"I’m finding the best parts of NZ to be the cafes, the kindness of strangers (we had 3 people we barely knew offer us furniture to borrow...), and the scenery."

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Emma - Registered Nurse

"We definitely made the right decision. We live in Christchurch, it’s so beautiful and very up and coming. You have the hills one side and beaches the other."

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Hannah - Registered Nurse

"I live in Tauranga, it is wonderful. It has gorgeous beaches, great treks nearby and it has BEAUTIFUL weather. If you’ve lived in the UK, Tauranga’s winter is like our summer!"

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Naomi - Registered Nurse

"My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is don't give up even when it seems impossible, take the help offered, it is genuine and you will be happy, it's an amazing place to live."

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Margo - Midwife

"I came here mainly because I wanted a change in my lifestyle - and what I got is better than what I had ever imagined."

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Joanne - Registered Nurse

"From the day we started planning there have been ups and downs and more than once we have wondered if we were making the right decision, but ultimately it has been a dream come true and we are loving every minute of it."

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Ana - Registered Nurse

"The easiest part of the process was job hunting and finding something that fit my criteria."

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Wilson - Registered Nurse

"We wake up every day grateful to be in such a beautiful place."

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