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Lauren - Occupational Therapist

"The best parts of NZ for us is that my two boys can run and explore so many beautiful places."

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Tanelle - Physiotherapist

"There is just so much to see and do here. The more I travel, the more I find to do."

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John - Occupational Therapist

"In simple words, kiwis are so helpful whenever you need to access services of any kind."

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Jonny & Laura - Physios from the U.K.

"We feel we have more of a work life balance here in New Zealand due to the hours we work allows us to have more of an evening to spend outdoors and at our leisure. ..."

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Jon - UK Physio living in NZ

"My first impressions of NZ were just how spacious and uncrowded it is...I’ve also walked through native forest to a waterfall only to find I’m the only person there. That would never happen in the UK!"

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Sheila - Irish Physiotherapist working in Wellington

"I am so delighted that I made the decision to move to Wellington. New Zealand is a beautiful country, perfect for outdoor activities and the people have been so friendly..."

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Jo - Speech Language Therapist

"There were many occasions that me and my husband were so nervous about the move that we questioned our motives and the benefits of moving... Despite everything, we are so happy we have made the move.  The quality of life we have now is so much better..."

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Karen - Speech Therapist, Wellington

"Hi everyone, my name is Karen, I am a Speech Therapist. I came to NZ in April from the UK and the process to come to NZ took me approximately 3 months ..."

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Tessa - Speech Therapist

"I am so incredibly thrilled that we decided to make the move here and for all the pieces to fall into place as they did. I really do love everything about my experience so far ..."

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Rachael - Paediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Wellington

"Hi there! My name is Racheal, I am a Paediatric Speech Language Pathologist and I came to NZ in February from the United States ..."

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