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Case Studies Doctors

Leslie - Physician

"My first impressions of New Zealand were that people are so friendly and don't act like you're just a number, they see you as a person and treat you with respect."

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Wesley - Gastroenterologist

"Prudence is truly an expert in every step and was able to help move us along, from licensing, to finding a job, deciding where to live, and even the basics such as banking, insurance and buying cars."

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Rachel - GP

"I think the best parts of NZ are the friendly, kind, and warm people with the beautiful abundant nature."

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Mithran - GP

"...the freedom and space we have here makes it all worth it. It’s hard to even imagine going back now."

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Rob - ER physician

"...the people have been the best reason to come. Kiwis have been kind, patient, understanding, and a joy to work with. The attitude is generally laid back with a family-first attitude. Kiwis pride themselves on excellent work-life balance."

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Richard - GP

"My patients are very appreciative of my time and expertise, curious about my personal history and respectful of my time."

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Kirsty - GP

"I love the beauty of Wellington and it's friendly people. I love all the fantastic places to eat. I love being able to walk into town from our house and hearing all the birds from the botanical gardens."

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Neelke - Psychiatrist

"What I love most about living in NZ is having so many options for outdoors activities, for connecting with nature, for exploring new skills and new hobbies."

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Peter - Consultant Pediatrician

"My first impressions of NZ were excellent, friendly people and always willing to help."

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Lisa- General Practitioner

"The NZ health care system seems to understand that there is a lot more work done for a patient behind the scenes not at a physical appointment...."

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Anne - General Practitioner

"In Christchurch, where we live, you can literally do a morning walk on the beach and afternoon hike in the mountains. You can even go skiing in winter! ..."

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Luke - Radiologist

"ACCENT were fantastic every step of the way, and the hardest part of the move was deciding which job to take!..."

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