Mithran - GP

"...the freedom and space we have here makes it all worth it. It’s hard to even imagine going back now."

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Rob - ER physician

"...the people have been the best reason to come. Kiwis have been kind, patient, understanding, and a joy to work with. The attitude is generally laid back with a family-first attitude. Kiwis pride themselves on excellent work-life balance."

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Richard - GP

"My patients are very appreciative of my time and expertise, curious about my personal history and respectful of my time."

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Kirsty - GP

"I love the beauty of Wellington and it's friendly people. I love all the fantastic places to eat. I love being able to walk into town from our house and hearing all the birds from the botanical gardens."

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Neelke - Psychiatrist

"What I love most about living in NZ is having so many options for outdoors activities, for connecting with nature, for exploring new skills and new hobbies."

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Peter - Consultant Pediatrician

"My first impressions of NZ were excellent, friendly people and always willing to help."

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Lisa- General Practitioner

"The NZ health care system seems to understand that there is a lot more work done for a patient behind the scenes not at a physical appointment...."

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Anne - General Practitioner

"In Christchurch, where we live, you can literally do a morning walk on the beach and afternoon hike in the mountains. You can even go skiing in winter! ..."

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Luke - Radiologist

"ACCENT were fantastic every step of the way, and the hardest part of the move was deciding which job to take!..."

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Maik - General Practitioner from Germany

"We as a family have not regretted coming to New Zealand for a single day so far and we have been here for a year now. I am still very thankful for our recruiter, Prudence, and her help with the process..."

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Mathijs - GP from the Netherlands

"My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is don't hesitate, just do it"

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Gezina - GP from Netherlands working in NZ

"We have felt very welcome in NZ due to the personal approach from Prudence and Accent Health Recruitment, this has really made the transition more easy."

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