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Case Studies Operating Department Practitioners

Ruqayyah - ODP

"There’s always time to do a quick weekend retreat and get back into work by Monday morning. Everyone is super nice and I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many different people, as NZ is so culturally diverse."

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Jenny and Tim - Anesthetic Technicians

"We love the long summers, balmy evenings, and the can-do attitudes."

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Lee - ODP from the U.K. (as seen on the BBC)

"My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is do it, the lifestyle is so much better. It is a hard slog to get here, you will miss your family and friends but it's worth it..."

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Calum - Operating Department Practitioner from the U.K.

"The biggest difference is that it’s much more relaxed here, I live a 10 minute drive from the sea and beach, 20 minute drive from watching the best rugby team in the world..."

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Andrew - Operating Department Practitioner from the U.K.

"We finally managed the move in 2019 and it has not failed to be the reality we had dreamt of as a family. Finding a job was the easiest part; ACCENT helped with employment..."

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Amy - Anaesthetic Technician from the U.K.

"The easiest part of the process was finding a job! Once I had decided where I wanted to live, Prudence from ACCENT came back with a job interview for me really quickly..."

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Vikki - Anaesthetic Technician

"My first impressions of NZ was the ease of everything, the people are helpful and friendly, and things move at a much slower pace..."

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Rachel - Operating Department Practitioner

"I love how friendly and helpful people are here and how child friendly everywhere is. Love the out door lifestyle, nothing is too far away and amazing scenery..."

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Lucy - ODP

"I’m loving life in NZ. I live in a capital city. I live near the sea. I live surrounded by mountains and trees. I could sit and listen to the Tui’s crazy bird song all day. The people are friendly ..."

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Brian - Anaesthetic Technician, Auckland

"My name is Brian Dickinson and I am an Anaesthetic Technician. I arrived in New Zealand mid-August 2014 from the UK."

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Kev and Suzanne - Anaesthetic Technician, Palmerston North

Our names are Kev and Suzanne. We came to NZ with our 5 year old son - Juan, fromt eh Isle of Man (UK) ..."

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Tamsin - ODP from Scotland

"Take the plunge, it is stressful and you are going to have moments of wondering if you're doing the right thing but it is worth it, there is so much opportunity over here and a beautiful country to explore. ..."

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