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Lee - ODP from the U.K. (as seen on the BBC)

As seen on the BBC's "Wanted Down Under"

My Name is Lee Parsons. I am an Operating Department Practitioner or in New Zealand an Anaesthetic Technician.

I came to NZ in March 2020 just before lockdown from the UK.

The process to come to NZ took me about a year to move but that is because my family and I had relaxed timeframe to move here.

The easiest part of the process was getting our jobs and getting on the plane.

The most challenging part of the process was sorting out the visas, more so for my wife who had to provide at time frame of our relationship... Even though we've been married 12 years. The other difficult thing about the move was trying to find a decent house to rent, especially that lockdown was creeping closer.

My first impressions of NZ were that people seemed really friendly and helpful. When we finally got a house we managed to borrow some furniture from people for a few months which was brilliant.

The best parts of NZ are the beaches!!! There are so many to choose from and that is just in Auckland

What I miss the most is my friends and family. Thankfully there's video chat.

My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is do it, the lifestyle is so much better. It is a hard slog to get here, you will miss your family and friends but it's worth it. Like they say the world is getting smaller with technology and faster flights.


Watch Lee and his family make their decision to move to Auckland here:

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