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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I speak with a recruiter? 

Email to arrange a video call.

Do you do recruitment trips to the U.K., Europe or Asia?

ACCENT travels to the U.K., the Netherlands and Singapore annually to meet with potential recruits. Check out our Facebook page or contact us to sign up to newsletter to keep up to date.

How do I get registration in New Zealand? 

This is dependent on occupation and country of origin. Email with these details and we will send you the appropriate info pack.

How much will I get paid as a doctor/nurse/consultant/allied healthcare professional in New Zealand ? 

Dependent on occupation and experience, however average salary sits well above NZ living wage. Nurses and Allied Health on average earn $55-75k NZD, GPS earn $150-200k NZD, and consultants earn approximately $200-300k NZD. For a specific estimate, email and we will provide you with more information.

How long does the process take to come to New Zealand? 

Anywhere between 2-6 months depending on your circumstances and motivation, but we can start assisting with the process 5 years out from intended departure.

What qualifications do I need to work in New Zealand? 

To get your qualifications assessed email and we will provide you with more information.

How much does it cost to come to New Zealand? 

The approximate cost of basic cost of visa and registration is approx $2000 NZD however this can vary depending on registration process and visa preferences. Email and we will provide you with more information.

How much do you charge for your services? 

ACCENT is a completely FREE end-to-end service - we never charge our candidates for any part of the relocation, recruitment and settling process.

Can I join with more than one recruitment agency? 

No, we prefer to work exclusively with you in order to prioritise finding you the best possible job, salary and location.

How do you arrange job or recruitment interviews? 

Interviews are arranged at a time for both yourself and the employer through a variety of methods including mobile, Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.

Where is the best place to work in NZ? 

This totally depends on your budget, specialisation, family, hobbies and preference. ACCENT takes all of this into account when finding you a job.

Can I arrange professional workplace indemnity insurance? 

Your employer or ACCENT recruiter will assist you in arranging this as part of your employment agreement.

How much holiday time or annual leave do I get in NZ? 

Four weeks paid annual leave per year as per standard employment law, however some professions may receive more. NZ also has 11 national public holidays, plus one regional holiday day per year in addition to this.

Can I bring my pets to NZ? How do I move my pets? 

ACCENT has connections with experienced pet transfer specialists who can aid you in safely transferring them to NZ. Email and we will provide you with more information.

Can I bring my children? 

Only if they’re well behaved! (kidding) But in all seriousness, New Zealand is a great place to raise children. ACCENT can provide assistance and advice on childcare and schooling where required.

Can my partner work in New Zealand if I am on a work visa? 

Your partner will be required to apply for a visa based on your visa and certain conditions will apply. If your partner is a medical professional we can also aid with finding the, employment.

How soon do I have to start work in New Zealand after being offered a job? 

This varies depending on the employer, however some employers will hold a position open for a significant period of time for the right candidate.

How much money do I need saved in advance of moving to New Zealand? 

This may depend on visa type, we recommend you talk to ACCENT staff regarding budget in relation to your desired destination city and visa.

What CV format is best for applying for jobs in New Zealand? 

Word format is the best – ACCENT can send you a sample format to aid you in updating your CV. We are happy to review your CV to ensure it is appropriate.

How do you check my references? 

Your references will be contacted with your consent via email, with a follow-up phone call if required.

How many references do I need when applying for a job in New Zealand? 

You need at least three recent clinical professional references by email when applying for a job in New Zealand.

How do I open up a bank account in New Zealand? 

We can advise you on this process and refer you to a bank. Email and we will provide you with more information.

How do I apply for residency in New Zealand? 

You can look on the Immigration NZ website for general information, however ACCENT Health Recruitment can provide you with further information on this process.

How do I find a house in New Zealand? 

ACCENT can aid in sourcing temporary accommodation upon arrival, as well as advise on the house hunting process where required.

How do I transfer my house or possessions to New Zealand? 

ACCENT has connections with experienced furniture removal specialists who can aid you in safely transporting your possessions to NZ. Email and we will provide you with more information.

How do I meet new people in New Zealand? 

ACCENT hosts regular catch-ups to introduce new arrivals to other recruits in their city, as well as provides advice on how to get involved in the community.

Do my children need passports when coming to New Zealand? 

Yes, every person entering NZ requires their own passport regardless of age.

Do my children need visas when coming to New Zealand? 

Yes, every person entering NZ who does not hold a current Australian or New Zealand passport requires a visa regardless of age.

Do you have a Facebook page? Can I find you on social media?

Yes! We regularly post information on events, jobs, tips on moving to NZ/NZ life and run fun competitions. Give us a like here. We are also on LinkedIn, where we post regular job updates throughout New Zealand.

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