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The Relocation

Once a contract has been accepted you can begin your visa application process.  Your recruiter will assist and guide you through the relocation process and let you know what to expect.  We can put you in touch with a recent candidate who has also made the move.  This contact will act as a “transition buddy” who you can utilise before, during and after your move to New Zealand.

ACCENT Health Recruitment will continue to support you during this time.  Your arrival to New Zealand could be as close as a couple of weeks away or up to six months or more further down the track - this entirely depends on your agreed contract, your situation and your availability.

Once you arrive in New Zealand your recruiter will maintain contact with you.  We want to ensure you have a smooth transition into your new way of life.  If you do hit some arrival road bumps, ACCENT Health Recruitment will be a local source you can rely on for advice and help.

ACCENT Health Recruitment are flexible and adaptable to you and your plans.  We place our candidates as our top priority, and we look forward to assisting you.



How do I get registered in New Zealand? How much will I get paid in New Zealand? Where is the best place to work in New Zealand? Do my children need visas for New Zealand? For answers to these questions and more, check out our FAQs page.


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