The Recruitment Process

Want to know what to expect from our recruitment process and how we can help you?

ACCENT Health Recruitment works exclusively with you throughout the entire job search and relocation process.  We provide continuity and a high-quality service to both you and your New Zealand employer.

To read about the process of finding a job and relocating to NZ start with "What We Do" and follow the links below:


To get a brief overview of the full step by step process please download the pdf flow chart below:


What We Do

ACCENT Health Recruitment specialise in assisting overseas healthcare professionals with their registration, job search and relocation to New Zealand.  We know about the obstacles you are going to face during this process and we are here to help you.

We understand the job is just one factor of many when it comes to moving to New Zealand!  Our recruitment consultants will assist and support you throughout the entire process.  We maintain contact with you from your initial inquiry right up until long after your arrival in New Zealand.

As ACCENT Health Recruitment are based in New Zealand you already have one foot in the door.  We have strong relationships with a number of New Zealand healthcare employers and we are the preferred supplier of all 20 District Health Boards.  Our recruitment network covers public and private, hospitals and clinics, urban and rural throughout the whole of New Zealand.  Our local knowledge will save you time and stress and means that you won't miss out on any relevant opportunities.

The Foundation


Tell us a little about yourself and kick-start your journey to New Zealand!


The Employment Search


We maintain contact with you throughout the job search and recruitment process.


The Relocation


We will assist and guide you through the relocation process, letting you know what to expect.



"When Mummy and Daddy said we were leaving England I had mixed feelings really.  I knew I would have to try lots of new things (and lots of new foods).  My favourite part was meeting Daddy's new boss and his wife.  They have looked after us very well and it is like having another set of Grandparents!  Now I don;t think that coming here was such a bad idea!  Now I'm happy."

Charlotte, aged 7