The Employment Search and Interview Preperation

We will maintain contact with you throughout the job search and recruitment process.  If at any time you have any queries or encounter any hiccups along the way you can contact your recruiter for advice and support. 

The first step is to begin your registration application with the appropriate professional body in New Zealand.  We will conduct professional reference checks and when your registration is underway or almost complete we will begin the job search on your behalf.  We utilise our local and national contacts within the industry to maximise the number of opportunities.  We will be in regular contact with to discuss your preferences, abilities and vacancies.  The more flexible you are with location, the more opportunities we are able to present to you.

Accent Health Recruitment communicates directly with the employer on your behalf.  We will arrange an initial interview between yourself and your prospective employer by either phone or Skype.  Your recruiter will work with you to discuss interview preparation and skills and techniques in order to maximise your interview performance.

If you have been successful the employer will notify your recruiter.  This can take anywhere from a matter of day to a number of weeks.  From here a written contract will be produced, this can take anywhere from a couple of days to six weeks.



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