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Vikki - Anaesthetic Technician

My name is Vikki and I'm an Anaesthetic Technician (ODP). I moved to Palmy (Palmerston North) on March 1st 2019. The process only took 6 months to make the move, but for about 10 months before this I researched why I wanted to move to New Zealand, the difficulties, where I'd like to settle/start and then the planning involved.

The easiest process was choosing Accent Health Recruitment, I had researched them online before a friend recommended the company and highly recommended Prudence. The most challenging part of the process was selling my flat, the sale was not completed until I had been here a month, which was quite stressful.

My first impressions of NZ was the ease of everything, the people are helpful and friendly, and things move at a much slower pace so if you are in a rush to get something done, people have time for you to help make it happen. In Palmy there is also a lot less traffic which makes life much less stressful when trying to get from A to B.

So far the best part of living/working in NZ is the work life balance within the health care profession. Striking this balance is really encouraged within the workplace. It took me a wee while to adjust to this new way of working, but it enables me to do more with my time.

At this time the only things I really miss from the UK are family and friends, Skype and WhatsApp are excellent but not quite the same.

The major difference with my role is a dilution of my role, which in turn means I have less responsibilities and a more specific role. However this means I'm able to do my job better with less constraints put on me by the NHS in my UK job. Another difference is the work ethic here, you work your shift have your breaks and go home.

If you are planning on coming to NZ I suggest a good agency, reflect on why (it's a long way from family), and research the areas and the lifestyle you want carefully. There are some similarities with UK life but NZ is also very different, but embracing the new culture and slower pace of life has been incredibly appealing to me.

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