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Petra - GP - Netherlands to Christchurch

"...It’s stressful to move to another country, adapt to your new setting and start working in a (possibly) completely different environment - but it’s all worth it!..."

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Roland - GP from Singapore

"I am so grateful to Prudence and Accent Health Recruitment for their assistance in my entire process of getting here ..."

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Adib - GP from Singapore to Gore

"I came to NZ in early July from Singapore (yes, in the middle of winter!)"

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Paul - Ophthalmologist, Christchurch

"I came from the UK and I have been here over a year now, and really enjoying the lifestyle that Christchurch offers..."

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Oliver - Consultant living in New Zealand

"My first impressions of NZ were bright sunshine, enormous skies, open roads and beautiful countryside. The best parts of NZ are the time and space that people have, the emphasis on having a balance in your life between work and leisure, great coffee and food"

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Per - Surgeon - From Sweden to Invercargill

“One of the best things about our year in New Zealand was that we had much more time together as a family than we usually have in Sweden.

We are all so grateful for our New Zealand experience and are sure that we some day will come back to the country and people that we love.”

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Joan - GP, Christchurch

"Hello there! I’m Joan, a GP who left the UK and arrived in NZ in September 2016. The best parts of NZ are the beautiful and amazing scenery, the “can do” attitude of the kiwi population and the relaxed lifestyle...."

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Jane - Psychiatrist - Hamilton

"My first impressions of New Zealand were the welcome and warmth of all New Zealanders. It is a beautifully country and the weather is much warmer than England. The best part of New Zealand is the stunning beauty of the land, the mountains and the sea..."

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Michael - Physician, South Island

"My name is Michael, I am a Physician. The easiest part of the process was finding an employer through Accent Health Recruitment..."

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Chris - ED Physician, Invercargill

"My name is Chris. The process to come to NZ took me about a year from when I first contacted Accent Health Recruitment to when I started work in Invercargill ..."

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Kuo - GP, Bay of Plenty

"My name is Kuo Yau, I am a General Practitioner. The easiest part of the process was looking for a job. Prudence was very helpful with advice on how to tackle the interviews ..."

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Charlie (Charlotte) - Psychiatry Registrar Netherlands

"One of the things I love is that everyone says “no worries” when you ask them to do something or apologize for something and they actually mean it!..."

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