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Paul - Ophthalmologist, Christchurch

My name is Paul, I am an eye surgeon and loving living in Christchurch New Zealand.  I came from the UK and I have been here over a year now, and really enjoy the lifestyle that Christchurch offers. 

We have so many sporting and cultural activities to enjoy and there is always something going on.  We have the symphony orchestra, court theatre - and the outdoors free entertainment is as varied as it is available. We have enjoyed the open air opera, food and wine festival and Buskers festival.

We have amazing water sports including surfing, paddle boarding, wind and kite surfing, awesome cycling both road and off road and with much better weather than the UK people spend much more time outside.

But for me the best part of being here is the people. New Zealanders are incredibly friendly helpful and happy people and this has a huge impact both at work and in leisure. 

Christchurch is the perfect size for us, it has an international airport and only takes 20 minutes to get there from the centre of the city.

I have been lucky to secure a permanent position, and enjoy the variety of patients I see – many New Zealanders, but also people who have migrated from all over the world.

The Medical Council registration was quite a long and challenging process, but to be honest, if I was to work anywhere in the work, I’m sure it would be the same.

The Immigration process was very straight forward – with the help of a good migration agent that Prudence referred me to.

My advice – make a visit out here – or take the plunge!



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