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Ceyan - General Practitioner from Singapore

My Name is Ceyan and I am a General Practitioner.

I came to NZ from Singapore in July 2019 after an 8 month process. The easiest part of the process was the Skype interview as it was very convenient and securing a job offer thanks to ACCENT.

The most challenging part of the process was renting a house

What first struck me about NZ was the beautiful landscape and wide range of outdoor activities on offer. What I miss the most is the shopping malls and food.

My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is if you are coming to Wellington, to book at least 3 weeks Airbnb. It’s not easy to rent a house here.  

My role and team size is very similar to Singapore, however the guidelines are slightly different and the practice in NZ is more advanced. The previous family medicine training I had in SG has helped a lot, and the patients are really nice and easygoing.

My favourite things to do here in NZ are cooking, gardening, hiking, mountain biking and taking lots of photos. Wellington is spacious and much less crowded than my home city and the view is amazing.

The biggest differences in my life now compared to Singapore is that I used to stay in a condo but now I live in a house with a big garden. I will do gardening on the weekends which I have never done before. I will keep on exploring, probably will invite some of my friends and barbecue in the garden in the near future. 

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