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Adib - GP from Singapore to Gore

"I came to NZ in early July from Singapore (Yes, in the middle of winter!)

The process to come to NZ took me 9 months.  The easiest part of the process was getting the job and medical registration.

The most challenging part of the process was waiting for an opening.
My first impressions of NZ were: lovely people, vast open spaces and non-congested roads.

The best part of NZ is the slower pace of life in Southland and its natural beauty.  Although, I miss the 24hr food outlets and my family.

Be well prepared for cold weather! It was our first time in NZ so that took some getting used to.
I have the privilege of having a dual role of a GP as well as a medical officer in a rural hospital. This gives me the opportunity to handle both acute and chronic conditions during the week. Back home I was a GP in a shopping mall handling mainly corporate/contract patients.


Medicine is fairly universal I must say. The medical system in NZ is based on the British system as well as in Singapore so the similarities are there.
The appointment system is such a welcomed change in the GP system. This allows ample time for patient interaction and not having to rush due to long queues/waiting times. Paediatric patients are also exempted from paying consultation fees in NZ which eases the burden of the family.
Pharmacists in NZ are also able to prescribe some medications and give vaccines. I feel this may go a long way in helping to ease the already congested primary care providers in Singapore." 



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