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Ana - Radiographer / Sonographer

My Name is Nur Farhanah (Ana). I am a Radiographer/Sonographer. I came to NZ in July 2022 from Singapore. The process to come to NZ took me 6 months.

The easiest part of the process was applying for the job. The most challenging part of the process was leaving our comfort zone and exploring new places. Lots of things to learn about a new country (housing, renting, working and education). But Accent Health Recruitment really helped in those aspects.

Accent Health Recruitment gave great advice on where to relocate to in New Zealand especially since we have children below the age of 5. We've only knew about Auckland but with their help, there are more places we could explore for employment. They followed up with us pre and post job interviews such as how to write resume following New Zealand standard and questions future employees might ask. Even after we have settled into normal life here in New Zealand, they still check up on us. Truly an awesome recruitment agency.

Kristin was the main recruiter we communicated with, but the rest of the team helped us as well when she wasn't around. It was great teamwork.
My first impressions of New Zealand were: Chill. No rush. No judgement. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. What I specifically like about New Zealand is that they are open to making mistakes and that everything is a learning experience.
I think the best parts of New Zealand is that the people are friendly. There is a sense of community especially for families with children.

I like the area I live in because it is family-oriented, relaxed life. We've explored the North Island. Next will be the South Island. LOTR fan 😁
What I miss the most is the variety of Halal food. But we make do by learning to cook more as compared to back in Singapore. What I put in place to help support what I miss is going on road trips, exploring NZ, going to community-initiated events.

There are HUGE DIFFERENCES between my current role in NZ and my previous role in Singapore. Here, it is people/staff welfare oriented which helps with mental health wellbeing of those working as healthcare workers. You are able to care for yourself better so that you can take better care of your patients. The company encourages professional growth. Hence, I'm able to take part time postgrad studies.

The similarities that helped me transition are that job requirements are similar. Working with people (staff and patients) from different races, cultures, religion and backgrounds.

In New Zealand I like how they are people-oriented and how I have the time to communicate with patients. The no rush policy. Healthcare workers truly work as a team and not a hierarchy kind of system.
My advice if you are planning to come to New Zealand is to take everything in your stride. If you need help, reach out. Even your employer tries their best to help you settle in. Do your homework such as know how to set your IRD accounts, applying for bank accounts (and which suits you), planning mode of transportations to work.

The work/life balance has made a difference to my life because surprisingly, we work lesser hours here but earn more. More time spent with family even if we are working shifts. More time to sleep, travel and be amongst nature.

Migrating for work was the hardest but ultimately the best choice we made, for our family.

Ngā mihi,
Nur Farhanah (Ana)


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