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Ryan - Physiotherapist, Hamilton

"My name in Ryan, I am a Physiotherapist and I came to NZ from the UK in March."

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Harry - Physio, Christchurch

"In NZ there is a high emphasis placed on hands on treatment, more so than where I practiced in the UK. This has taken some getting used to, however I feel like I am learning new skills that are helping my patients...."

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Johanna - MRT, Northland

"My name is Johanna, I am a Radiogapher/MRT. I came to NZ from the UK in December. The process to come to NZ took less than 6 months ..."

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Lizzy - Therapy Radiographer, Palmerston North

"I hope to experience a different (hopefully more laid back!) way of life and to get the opportunity to meet real Kiwis and experience the culture properly, rather than as a tourist...."

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Emilie - Neuro Physio, Auckland

"My name is Emilie, I am a Physiotherapist and I came to NZ in January 2015 from England ..."

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Anna - Occupational Therapist, Hamilton

"ACCENT have been fabulous; from advice about registration early on, to interview support , information about arrival, regular communication and a gorgeous cake waiting for me when I started work! I can't thank them enough..."

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Aisha - Physiotherapist, Wellington

"My first impressions of NZ were what a peaceful place it is with beautiful scenery. I love the landscape, the sunshine, the low population density and the friendly people...."

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Bronagh - Physiotherapist, Bay of Plenty

Hi everyone! My name is Bronagh, I am a physiotherapist from the UK. I came to NZ in September and the process took me approximatley 7-8 months ..."

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Olivia and Louis - MRTs/ Radiographers from the UK, working in Hamilton

"We secured a job within a week of signing up to Accent and over the next couple of months we liaised with Accent to arrange our contracts and everything was set up and ready to go when we arrived in Hamilton. ..."

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Alice - Occupational Therapist, Auckland

"My name is Alice, I am an Occupational Therapist and I cam to NZ from England in May."

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Nick - Social Worker

"I am glad that I made the move to New Zealand. I am really grateful to Kristin and the team at Accent Health Recruitment for helping me achieve my dream ..."

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Harshali - Occupational Therapist

" Getting in touch with Accent and Prudence and her team was the simple part. They have been really supportive throughout and they organised and scheduled interviews for me efficiently...."

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