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Vijaya - Physiotherapist

My Name is Vijaya, and I am a Physiotherapist. I came to New Zealand on the 18th of March 2022 from South Africa. The process to come to NZ took me 1 year, 6months and the easiest part of the process was obtaining a job. The most challenging part of the process was waiting for passports.

I absolutely loved the beauty and safeness I felt immediately. The people I encountered were very helpful. The best parts for me are the safety and freedom the country offers me and my family. The beauty around us is a big bonus. I love the peacefulness and beauty. We feel very safe taking walks and public transport is easily accessible.

I plan to visit all parts of New Zealand, but I want to start with Rotorua and Queenstown because I have been told how beautiful the places are. I definitely miss my family and friends the most.

My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is that you must be open minded and understand that it is going to be very different from your home country. And you should embrace the culture of NZ, and not consistently compare countries, because they both have pros and cons, but it is what you make of it that matters.

The work/life balance has been one of the best parts of moving to NZ. I do not work weekends anymore which is amazing. The work culture is so different here in the sense that family time holds great importance and is never sacrificed.

Hayley at Accent was absolutely amazing in helping and encouraging me. She regularly checked in on me during the entire process and supported me when I felt frustrated. Her guidance definitely helped me secure my job.

There are many differences between my current role in NZ and my previous role in South Africa because I had to learn about the NZ Healthcare system and ACC. But other than that physiotherapy is essentially the same throughout the world.

I had a very good induction and support from my company that greatly helped build my confidence and knowledge, and I still practice in the same manner. Physiotherapy doesn't change. It is universal.

Below are some pics of my work colleagues and my family.

Kind regards
Pic 3Vijaya Pic 1


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