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Marisa - Nuclear Medicine Technologist

My name is Marisa and I'm a Nuclear Medicine Technologist from Canada. I arrived in NZ in October 2022. The process to come to NZ took me about a year.

The easiest part of the process was the help from ACCENT Health Recruitment, more specifically Kristin. The most challenging part of the process was the waiting period between interviews, the license, and the VISA application. ACCENT Health Recruitment helped me in many different stages of my application. The process was definitely smoother thanks to Kristin's help. I can get quite anxious, and Kristin was there to provide the right advice and support.

New Zealand received me on a sunny day with open arms. Kiwis are so welcoming and friendly!
After living here for more than a year, I'm very happy and proud of my decision. I really enjoy the balance between the mountains/greenage and the sea. I live in the suburbs in the middle of mountains, I can enjoy a morning coffee listening to the native birds as well as listening to music by the beach.

New Zealand has allowed me to reach closer to the lifestyle I have envisaged for myself. I have met wonderful people, not only New Zealanders but from all parts of the world. I have also tried new activities and discovered new sides to myself.

As a solo female immigrant, I feel quite safe living here. What I miss the most is my family. It’s difficult to fill that void, but active video calls help! I have also created small chosen families or my Whanau in different spheres of my life. I definitely feel my heart richer in their company.

Since I have arrived, I have tried to visit as much as possible on my free days. I have cleared most of the North Island, and hopefully I will be able to properly explore the South Island with my family when they come visit me from abroad.
Professionally, my role in New Zealand is slightly different since my license is restricted to a specific area of my profession. General Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT are difficult to coexist in the same company/hospital. Making the licensing/overseeing training process difficult but not impossible. On the other hand, I have learned a lot, and I am very proud of the professionalism of the team I work with. The patient care is outstanding!

My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is to start applying right away, so you don't feel restricted or frustrated by how long the process might take.

I can't wait to see what other adventures I will have during my second year living in NZ!



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