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Shima - Registered Nurse

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My name is Shima! I'm a Singaporean perioperative registered nurse. The most challenging part of the process was obtaining all the documents for CGFNS and then getting the residence visa. When we actually got to NZ the toughest part was actually getting a suitable rental for our family - we went to over 30 houses within 3 weeks and finally got one which was perfect for us.
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My recruiter is Prudence (together with her wonderful, amazing team) - made it all happen for us right from the very beginning and we will forever be grateful. ☺❤️

Six months in now and I think we've made the best decision moving to New Zealand. The work culture is so much better than I expected and most importantly, I have more time with my family. Knowing that you have nurse managers and seniors at work who have your back when you need it is a total game changer. 

We enjoyed summer because there's so many fruit-picking opportunities (cherries are so yum!). I'd say the only thing I miss about Singapore is perhaps the accessibility to a wide variety of halal cuisines. We've visited a couple of beautiful places around the South Island and are planning to venture out more soon!

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