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Alice - Occupational Therapist, Auckland

"My Name is Alice, I am an Occupational Therapist and I came to NZ from England, in May. 

The process to come to NZ took me approximately 8 months. The easiest part of the process was having regular contact with Accent.
Accent are very supportive and help where they can with every process.

The most challenging part of the process was - I didn't have any challenging parts!

My first impressions of NZ were ‘what a beautiful country!’  And the best parts of NZ are Queenstown and Kaikoura.

What I miss the most is my friends and family!

My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is: Enjoy your time working abroad and make the most seeing this beautiful country.

Are there any major differences between your current role in NZ and your previous role in England'

There are some major differences between my current role and my previous role in England.  I am currently working for a private company in community rehabilitation. We are contracted by ACC so is a steep learning curve of what they can offer the client. Quite different compared to working in the NHS."

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