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Ana - Registered Nurse

My Name is Ana Carino and I am a Registered Nurse, specifically Medical-Surgical. I arrived in New Zealand on 17/12/2020 from the U.S. The process to come to New Zealand took 7-8 months from getting registered with the New Zealand Nursing Council to getting a job offer. The easiest part of the process was job hunting and trying to find something that fit my criteria but Prudence at Accent helped me narrow down my search and helped me get an interview and getting approval for the critical purpose visa. The most challenging part of the process was getting all my education records in order and sending them off to CGFNS for my nursing license to be validated with NZNC. The last challenging thing was packing your life in just a couple suitcases to start this new adventure and job opportunity. My first impressions of NZ were that it’s a beautiful country with lots to do. It’s very green anywhere you look. The best parts of NZ are, it’s nature and still learning about it. What I miss the most are family/friends, my Chihuahua, and Mexican food. My advice if you’re planning to come to NZ is join social groups online of people that already live in NZ so you can get ideas of what to bring over and what to expect.

There are a few differences working as an RN here compared to the U.S., like working 8 hour shifts instead of 12 hrs., medical terminology, medication names, paper charting vs electronic charting, medication dispensing systems, almost all IV antibiotics are pushed, and more shared patient rooms. I do love that they take their tea/meal breaks serious, especially if you are having a busy shift. My co-workers tend to help out each other more and managers/assistant managers are on the floor and help out as well. Nursing overall is the same, we provide care to those in need. The goals are similar.

Well, in Texas we don’t have unions and so being here and working as of now I have seen that unions are important here. The patient to nurse ratio is better than I am used to. But as a nurse I am still learning and hopefully I can gain more experience and I can apply my knowledge at my workplace in things that may need some tweaking. Overall I am happy with this experience and I can’t wait to continue to explore New Zealand.


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