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Professional Registration



This is a really important part of our recruitment process, we do not charge for our services – but expect fulltransparency from you in the process


1. I declare that the information supplied by me is given voluntarily and is true, accurate and complete in all respects. I acknowledge that I will not hold ACCENT health recruitment responsible for any omission or mis-statements which I have made in the information provided.

2. Purpose of information: I understand that all information provided about me to you, including my resume, references and any assessments will be held by ACCENT health recruitment to be used for the purpose of evaluating my qualifications, experience and suitability for permanent employment or contract positions with
any client organizations that ACCENT health recruitment represents.

3. Accuracy of information: I understand that if I withhold relevant information or supply false or misleading information about myself, my application may not be further considered. I also understand that my employment or contract position may be terminated if, after investigation, an employer or client discovers that any information which I have provided is false or misleading.

4. Access to information: I understand that I am entitled to have access to relevant information retained by your organisation (except for any exemption provided under the Privacy Act 1993 such as evaluative material) and to request correction of the information and/or request that there be attached to the information a statement relating to the fact that I have requested a correction.

5. Sharing information: I authorize you to share the information and copies of documentation, including this application form, provided by me with registration authorities, potential employers and immigration advisers where required to evaluate my qualifications experience and suitably for permanent employment or contract

6. Retention of Information: I authorise you to retain any information about me until I advise you, verbally or in writing, that I no longer wish to seek employment or contract opportunities in which case you will update my records accordingly.

7. Reference Checking: I authorise ACCENT health recruitment, to approach the referees noted below and any other referees nominated by me to gain additional information with regard to my past employment performance. I understand that ACCENT will contact my referees listed below – UNLESS otherwise noted. I
authorise ACCENT Health Recruitment to contact any of my previous employers for purposes of assessing my suitability for employment. I understand that any remarks made by a former employer are confidential and amount to evaluative material and I will not be entitled to access to this material. I understand these reference reports will be passed onto a potential employers and registration authorities and organizations as
appropriate, as part of the process.

8. Recruitment procedure: I agree to work exclusively with ACCENT health recruitment, at this current time and understand that ACCENT will act in my best interests to assist me in gaining employment in New Zealand. I agree to work only with ACCENT and not to approach other employers either directly or indirectly to gain employment. At any stage if ACCENT is unable to secure employment, ACCENT will inform me immediately. At any stage, should I decide for any reason to withdraw my application with ACCENT, I will notify them immediately.

9. Exclusivity: ACCENT health recruitment, will work very hard on your behalf and all advice is based on their recruitment experience. ACCENT will pay for the cost of calls, faxes and all disbursements. ACCENT does not charge you for job placement, however, in return ACCENT requests that you are completely honest with your process and inform them if you are planning to apply for a position (other than through Accent), or apply to another agency.

Should you not wish to work this way – please inform us.

Next of Kin


We will NOT email your referees without requesting your permission to contact them first!

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How do I get registered in New Zealand? How much will I get paid in New Zealand? Where is the best place to work in New Zealand? Do my children need visas for New Zealand? For answers to these questions and more, check out our FAQs page.


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