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Aye - Registered Nurse

Hi! My Name is Aye. I am working as a Registered Nurse at Wellington regional hospital. I came to New Zealand in May from Singapore, originally from Myanmar. The process to come to New Zealand took me about 9 months. I would say getting a quick response from Prudence through the Accent website to start my job hunt was the easiest part of the process. The most challenging part of the process was waiting for verification of credentials as the process took longer than expected.

ACCENT Health Recruitment made my journey to New Zealand smoother than expected. They were always there to guide me through every step of the process by providing important information and answering all my queries. I am grateful to the ACCENT team for everything that they had done for me and my family to settle down in New Zealand. Special Thanks to my recruiter, Hannah. She is very kind, helpful and approachable. Thanks for always being attentive to all my queries and problems that I faced during the process of getting my NZ registration and Critical Purpose Visitor Visa - CPVV.
My first impression of New Zealand was it is a beautiful country, and I am loving to get outdoors and explore. The scenery is beautiful, and people are friendly and welcoming. New Zealand offers a lot of beautiful places, and we cannot wait to visit every place after we get our driving license. The work-life balance and slow pace of the working environment is worth the decision of coming to New Zealand. But I do miss authentic Asian food and getting ingredients for home cooking.

My advice if you are planning to come to New Zealand is to do a thorough research where you want to settle and work before you come. And having a valid driving license will make your life easier in getting anywhere you want to visit.

The major difference in Singapore and New Zealand working as a Registered Nurse is having to do paper charting. However, the foundation of nursing practices are the same and the medical equipment is not much different from that we used in Singapore.

If you are thinking about coming to New Zealand, just do it. There are wonderful things to see here and don't miss a chance. :)

Aye ❤


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