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Caroline - ODP from the UK to Palmerston North

I came to New Zealand at the end of May 2018 from the UK The entire process to come to NZ took me 8 months, the easiest part of the process was the decision as to where we would come too as we luckily already had 2 very good friends living in Palmerston North.

The most challenging part was the immigration paper work as we decided to do this ourselves as it was cheaper for us to do it than employ a company. The paper work took some time and although complicated not impossible to do. I also think the interview was a challenge, there is always so many variables when you interview, chuck in a new country different work practices, and I was a little worried. Accent however were amazing and through Skype talked me through the whole process and gave me examples of what type of questions they may ask.

My first impressions as we landed were how Green everything was, and how small our little town looked. I was greeted by my new boss which was amazing, and the hospital had arranged accommodation and a taxi. Everyone has been very friendly and happy, they have guided me through the different work practices and cultural differences.

The best part of New Zealand is the country side and beaches, there's little to no traffic and I feel safe letting my kids have more freedom like their supposed to be able to.

I miss family and the familiarity I have with my previous home. But also think that after a few more months and some better weather LOL, we will feel more at home here.

My advice to anyone thinking of moving here is too make sure that this is the move they want and to jump into with the thought that this is a forever investment.

The major differences between NZ and the UK with my current role is the Anaesthetic machine checks and the scope of practice, a lot of what ODPs would be able to help with and do within theatre in the UK, is scaled down over here, for example patient positioning, and scrub roles are defined as the nurses role, this does not mean you can’t help, however it is not expected.

Most of what I do on a day to day basis is the same.



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