Andrew - Aneasthetist, and Siew - Registered Nurse

We met Accent Health Recruitment at the Manchester expo in October 2006, and was offered a personal interview the following Monday at the hotel.  At the interview we discussed the Immigration, Registration and working and living in New Zealand.  After the Accent Health Recruitment recruiters returned to NZ the following week, we had continuous contact by phone and email.  Accent Health Recruitment suggested a number of hospitals that might be suitable and when we had made a shortlist they arranged an informal chat with the Clinical Director of the Rotorua Hospital Anesthetic Department.

After we had done some more investigating both online and by talking current and former staff at the hospital, we had phone interviews for posts with were offered posts within the week.  Dealing with NZ Immigration was also quite novel as they were helpful and polite.

Since we have been here we have found a lovely new home overlooking a lake a 10 minutes from work.

Our son has found it quite easy to acclimatize to NZ life.  He has already made friends and no longer thinks it unusual to wander around barefoot at school.

As an Anesthetist I have found work in NZ less stressful and less time pressures.  There is more time to take an interest in patient's ongoing management when seeing them in pre-assessment clinics rather than just before surgery.

My wife also works in the same hospital and she too has not found it difficult to settle in to her new role in ICU.  She has found her colleagues to be very welcoming, but the small size of the department means there is less flexibility in rostering.

We are starting to feel surprisingly at home here and all being well this should be a long-term move.