Per -Surgeon - Sweden to Invercargill

Hello - my name is Per. I am a general surgeon from Sweden with a special interest in colorectal surgery. I came to the New Zealand summer from the Swedish winter in January 2018. The process to come to New Zealand took about 12 months. Prudence and her team at ACCENT Health Recruitment have provided excellent help and support - from the first contact right through to even after I started working here in New Zealand.


The most challenging part of the process for me was all the paper work, documentation and forms that I needed to provide the Medical Council of New Zealand. However ACCENT guided me very well through this. The easiest part of the process was looking for vacancies, ACCENT took care of that and called me when they had a job interview for me.

My first impression of New Zealand was how friendly and generous people are here. My family and I really felt welcome from first arrival. The kindness of the people and the beautiful NZ nature is what I appreciate most so far.

My advice if you are planning to relocate to New Zealand is to make sure you have good help from ACCENT or another good recruitment agency. The process is so much easier with professional support and guidance.

Working as a surgeon in New Zealand is in many ways similar to working in Sweden. My impression is that the standard of surgical care in New Zealand is very high and there are many very experienced colleagues with different nationalities working here.