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Christine - Operating Department Practitioner

ODP/Anaesthetic Technician, Christine is thoroughly enjoying a positive work/life balance in NZ

"Hi, I’m Christine and I am an Anaesthetic Technician (ODP) from Liverpool, UK.

The whole process took approximately 4 months (I think, it’s all a blur) and the easiest part of the process was joining Accent Health Recruitment.  Prudence was so helpful and a fountain of knowledge for all my questions! The most challenging part was organising my life into boxes to store, ship and sell – that was quite stressful.

I had already been to NZ as a student on a placement at Wellington hospital, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I knew I was making a lifestyle choice.

The best bits about NZ are the people - everyone is so friendly and helpful. Both in work and in general, people have more time to just sit back and enjoy the scenery with a glass and chat about the day. Also the scenery here is fab, the water sports, the coffee is to die for and the wine isn’t too bad either.

I have managed to bag myself a wonderful apartment on the waterfront, in a very lovely area of Wellington - I do not believe I would have been able to achieve this back in the UK. It’s true what they say about Wellington, that it’s the coolest little capital in the world.

I miss my family and friends, as would be expected. And I do miss the good strong British tea bags... but I have a steady stream that come from friends and family in UK.

My advice if you are coming to NZ would be to research the job you are applying for, as roles slightly differ here. Use Accent Health Recruitment and take the advice that they offer, (as you all know exactly what you are talking about!) Just do it, you only live once and it’s the best decision I have ever made!

Lastly, Accent Health Recruitment have been fabulous all the way through the process; on arrival (a fab goodie box) as well as ongoing checks - and thanks for the chocolates at Christmas too guys!"



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