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Eirini - Midwife from Greece living and working in NZ

Hello my name is Eirini Leontidou and I came to New Zealand from Greece at the 14th of July 2018(about four months ago). I was told that the process to come to New Zealand takes roughly a year, in order to be well prepared. I managed to do it in 6 months, while working full time in NICU unit.

Looking back I would have to say that getting hired by the hospital was the easiest process. Given the fact that in Greece it takes forever to apply for a position in a public hospital, this was relatively easy. The hardest part for me was to figure out howthe system works. It took me a while to work my way through the huge amount of information and to figure out that just applying online was enough. Our mentality and our bureaucratic system works differently, so that was challenging.

My first impressions of New Zealand was how polite and friendly people are. I was amazed by the friendliness a d the warm welcome I received from everyone, especially the lovely staff at Waikato Hospital, where I work. Another thing that caught my attention, was how beautiful this country is. Words and fotos are not enough to describe how amazingly green this country is!

So far my favourite places are the Hamilton Gardens and Raglan. But intend to explore every inch of this magical land. Its summer now, so Christmas in the beach is a little weird for me and I think that's what I'll miss the most.

My advise to anyone who wants to come and live in New Zealand, is to be well prepared, do your homework and try to save as much money as possible to smooth your transition. Also having a good recruiter is very helpful.

Midwifery in New Zealand has a slower more woman centered focus. My advise to all my Greek midwives that want to come is patience and slow down your rhythm! Once you slow down you'll realize that midwifery is the same everywhere!!!!!!



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