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Glenn - GP, Wellington

Kia Ora, I'm Glenn and I have been a GP in Upper Hutt, Wellington, for the past 4 months. Truth be told, making a move to New Zealand to live and work seemed daunting when I was still in Singapore and I'm very glad Accent Health Recruitment made the entire process easier - not only was Prudence, my recruitment consultant, efficient and resourceful in helping me explore suitable job placements, she was also approachable and enthusiastic. I felt like I was well taken care of. The time it took from my first contact with Accent Health Recruitment, through the job interviews, to finally arriving here in Wellington took a mere three months, most of which was held up by the administrative work required by New Zealand's immigration. I did not expect it to have run so smoothly!

I have been to Wellington a few times before, and have relatives here, so settling in was probably less bumpier for me than others. However, I should not discount the fact that Accent Health Recruitment equipped me with most of the required preparatory knowledge and work, which have allowed me to transit into my new employment environment without much hassle.

As with most changes, it has been a steep learning curve at work but has been refreshing to experience real work-life balance and to see it actively encouraged here in New Zealand. With nature at a stone's throw, and plenty of options when it comes to the outdoors, I find it easier to fill my time fruitfully outside of work. Sports is very much a part of the fabric of New Zealand, and interestingly, major sports events like the Rugby Sevens have taken on a more social, celebratory element, adding to the enjoyment for all. On top of that, Wellington offers its myriad, diverse cafes, pubs and restaurants in culturally-vibrant Cuba Street and uber-cool Courtenay Place, both virtually next to each other. I guess that's why Wellington is also known as the "coolest little city in the world".

Leaving my family and friends behind was the hardest part of the move. Thankfully, since I arrived in Wellington, I have made a few good friends who have extended a warm Kiwi welcome and rendered help whenever they could. Looking forward, I think there is a very high possibility of making New Zealand my permanent home.

My advice to those who have any considerations in moving here: get a good recruitment agent, be brave and take a chance, make friends and don't forget to enjoy the whole process!



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