Northland Healthcare Employment

In Northland, the regional District Health Board provides health and disability services for a population of about 148,500 people and employs over 2,200 staff in health and medical services. Northland is characterised by a large Maori population, widely dispersed rural communities and a high level of socio-economic deprivation.

The Northland District Health Board works with its Primary Health Organisations to:

Emphasize healthy lifestyles to prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases
Manage the impact of conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer
Achieve regional consistency for mental health services
Invest in child, youth and older people's health initiatives
Improve oral health.

No part of Northland is more than 40 kilometres from the coast and it enjoys a sub-tropical climate making it the warmest region in New Zealand. Many visitors and holiday makers visit Northland to experience highlights such as:

  • Cape Reinga - The wind swept lighthouse at north westernmost tip of the Aupouri Peninsula.
  • Ninety Mile Beach - 88km of white sand offering plenty of dunes for sand-surfing.
  • Ahipara - An iconic seaside village and surfers' paradise.
  • Doubtless Bay - Safe and fun-filled beaches, offering fishing and surfing.




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