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Jessica - Registered Nurse from Canada working in NZ

My name is Jessica and I am a Registered Nurse from Vancouver Canada.

I came to New Zealand in May this year.

The whole process to get registered, get the visa and pack up and get here took 12 months

Finding a job really was the easiest part of the process. And the most challenging part of the process was obtaining nursing registration

My first impressions of NZ were it is beautiful, laid back and it packs a punch.  New Zealand is small so you can go somewhere new and amazing in a few hours

Like most people I do miss my family and comforts of home.  It is worth all the hard work when you start seeing the stunning places it offers

Anything else you would like to say: some of the best things in life are the ones that were hard to obtain.

The private system is different and I had never worked in private healthcare before. There are a lot of different medications and different things you need to be certified to do such as male catheterization/IV cannulatione. Most of it feels similar though and assessments are the same and general patient care is the same.

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