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Julie - Anaesthetic Technician, Wellington

Accent Health Recruitment provided me with a professional, yet personal service.  The friendly staff assisted me with all aspects of my move to NZ; from IRD numbers, to removal firms, banking, residency application etc.  They listened to my requirements and really went that extra mile to find the right employment for me, rather than just concentrating on the recruitment itself.

My name is Julie and I am an Anaesthetic technician (ODP) from the UK.

The process to get here was quite straight forward; I even had TWO JOB OFFERS in Wellington, which Accent Health Recruitment arranged for me.  I choose to work for a private hospital and I love it.  The work life balance is better than in the UK and it seems like half of my colleagues seem to be British.

Prudence even travelled to Wellington (they are based in Christchurch but recruit all over NZ) the day we arrived, and she took us to the motel (which they paid for). I would recommend using a NZ based agency - and definitely recommend using Accent Health Recruitment!

I decided to use Accent Health Recruitment because of their in-depth knowledge of the role of both ODP'S in the UK and Anaesthetic Techs in NZ.  The team took the time to get to know both my husband and myself.  They all looked after us so well, nothing is too much trouble for them.  They helped with all aspects of the move, not just the immigration process.

What impressed me the most was that they wanted to find the right job in the right location for me, so that both my new employer and I would be happy.  I cannot thank them all enough for their excellent help.

We are very happy in NZ, life is more relaxed and everyone is so friendly. It has been such a busy time getting here and getting settled but it really is worth it. My advice is start planning early, get as much done as you can before getting that job offer, because when you do, everything happens very quickly!!

I met Prudence and her Accent Health Recruitment team at an expo in Manchester in 2006 and we still keep in touch! Since I have been here, we have had a baby and now I am working part time which suits us fine.



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