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Karen - Occupational Therapist, Auckland

I'm an OT working in New Zealand working at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland NZ and had loads of advice and support from the Accent HR team. I couldn't have done it without them!!

We are loving work and life in NZ. When we arrived, we bought a car and found somewhere to rent, with a sea view! It was a long process getting here, we were shortlisted for many jobs, a lot of highs and lows but worth it in the end!

The phone interviews were hard work - really difficult to gauge the reactions, but at least I didn't have to decide what to wear!

The work is different but the same. I caught up with Prudence Thomson (who recruited me) and she met with me and some other of the new people in Auckland, and took us out for coffee and cake. It was a good chance to meet other new people who had just arrived.

You'll be pleased to hear we're still here in NZ and it'll be 10 months tomorrow. How time fly’s particularly when the beach is just down the road, and even winter in Auckland is warm; compared to what we're used to!! I'm loving my job, despite initially being unsure about a switch to working in mental health. I'm getting to know my clients, feel I'm part of the team, and can now find my way around South Auckland without using my GPS!! John has also found work and has a permanent contract, and has even had a few nights out with the boys to sample the local brew.

So far we've ventured to the Coromandel, Rotorua, and Wellington and have started to make friends along the way. We're venturing back to the UK for a friend's wedding next month and a catch up with friends and family, so I guess that will help us decide if NZ is forever but we're thinking about visiting Sydney early next year so we'll definitely be coming back.

It’s a roller coaster ride getting here - but we love it



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