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Katherine - Registered Nurse

My name is Katherine, and I am a Registered Nurse. I arrived in New Zealand on the 18th of October 2020 from Singapore. I am a Filipino, but I have worked and lived in Singapore for about 12yrs.

It took me about 8 months to arrive in NZ only because it was in the midst of the pandemic. Lockdowns made the process difficult, especially the need to settle documents both from the Philippines and Singapore, however with the help of Prudence she made the process much much easier. Getting a job was never an issue. Prudence got a job interview for me, and I was hired right there and then. (She was even around during my interview ☺ )

My first impression of NZ was how beautiful the sky is. Weird as it sounds but it's true. I loved that it is pretty laid back and has stunning sceneries. Heaps of beautiful places to hike, explore and will always be in awe of the landscapes. I have already visited quite a number of places and Christchurch will always be home for me 😍.

The best way I can describe or differentiate Nursing here is that New Zealand has an important aspect of work/life balance. Nursing overall is the same, we provide care with the same goals.

IT WAS A LEAP OF FAITH. I was in that moment where you just wanted CHANGE. So, I searched on social media for any agency in NZ. I then found ACCENT ❤. They guided me through the whole process, always there to answer any questions and doubts that I had. Shout out to Prudence for being my #1 supporter. Every single step she was there from the beginning till after my isolation (a bag of goodies was provided) and she even kept in touch after I had started work. Simply amazing genuine people! Thank you guys for helping me achieve my long lost dream! BEST decision of my life!

My simple advice: Make that change. Do it. Start now. It will be all worth it.

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