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Khine - Registered Nurse

My name is Khine, I am a Registered Nurse from Singapore, originally from Myanmar (Burma). I came to NZ in August 2021. I started preparing for my OET (English language test) from May-June 2020 and took the test in September 2020. Then I started applying for NCNZ (Nursing Council New Zealand) via CGFNS (The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools). The whole process of coming to NZ took me about 15 months which can be much shorter. For those who are required to take English test, my advice is to start with CGFNS as soon as you start preparing for OET as the whole NCNZ registration takes a long time.

The most challenging part of coming to NZ for me was sorting out all the paperwork that was required for nursing registration and migration process. Once I got the registration, the easiest part came, which is getting the job interview that fits my background. Thanks to Kristin from AHR, job hunt, interview and migration process went incredibly smooth.

The best part of NZ is work-life balance and its stunning nature. My partner and I haven’t been to NZ before, and we have no regrets coming here at all. People here are warm and welcoming. Having a work-life balance, we feel less stressed and are leading a healthier lifestyle. What I miss the most is of course, my family back home and food.

A couple of differences between Singapore and NZ working as a Registered Nurse is having nurses’ unions and paper charting.

I am currently residing in Wellington with my partner. It is a great city with all the amenities you need, plus good food culture, and lots of fine cafes. More importantly, it is in a perfect location, close to the South Island, and easy to drive up to the North.

We have been to a few places like Napier (love its summer weather), Rotorua, Taupo, Queenstown, and especially loved the amazing drive from Christchurch to Queenstown. The scenery is just phenomenal as you might have seen or heard before. Having been to Queenstown, I would love to return and explore the whole island.

On the side note, it would be great if you hold a valid driver license before coming to NZ (to explore the amazing places 😉)

Stay safe and take care.

Warm regards,
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