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Laura - Registered Nurse

My name is Laura, I am a District Nursing Sister. I came to NZ in April 2022 from the United Kingdom. The process to come to NZ took me 15 months. The easiest part of the process was deciding to work, finding Accent Health Recruitment, and booking our flights! The most challenging part of the process was registering my UK nursing qualification with CGFNS to ensure I was registered as a nurse in NZ, prior to applying for my Critical Purpose Visitor Visa. They did not communicate very well, and I was not kept updated with the process; this took over 12 months to be processed.

Prudence supported me throughout the whole process, she set up 2 interviews and supported me with what questions they may ask and how the process of the interview works. Prudence contacted me before and after both interviews and supported me in accepting my job with my employer. Prudence has routinely kept in touch since I arrived in NZ.

My first impressions of NZ were that it was warm even though it was April, friendly people, and clean surroundings. What I specifically like about NZ is the friendly community spirit, clean streets, recreational/sporting areas for both children and adults and there are lots of places within walking distance, shops, cafes etc in the area I live in. What I miss the most is my friends and family that we have left behind.

The rules of the road are very similar to the UK which made things very easy to transition working in the community setting within NZ and I can drive on my UK licence. Visiting clients within their own homes is my background and therefore I have adapted easily to this.

I plan to visit the glaciers in the South Island, the photos look amazing. Taupo, because the lake looks beautiful and great restaurant reviews. Rotorua, to experience the geothermal activity, and learn more about the Māori culture.

Within the UK we had the NHS system, therefore everyone I dealt with all came under this umbrella. I am now having to understand the ACC system within NZ, and the different products available to use for specific wound or catheter cares and get my head around the ACC claims and packages. I would like to gain more knowledge with acute wounds, the products and learning, the slightly different ways of working. To learn more and gain more knowledge about the different cultures within NZ.

My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is to plan ahead, take each step as it comes, gather all the information needed, take your time and you can complete the processes independently. I think the best parts of NZ are that it is quiet and tranquil at times. The scenery and views are amazing, we hope to explore them a lot more over the years we will be here.


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