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Lindsey - Registered Nurse

Hi ! My name is Lindsey and I'm a registered nurse from Scotland, UK. I came to NZ on August 5th this year as my partner is a kiwi and we decided to settle and live our life in this country. It probably took me about 8 months to get everything sorted for NZ. I submitted my residency visa application during the busiest period so that took a bit longer.

The easiest part of the process was definitely the job finding/applying/interview. Hayley from Accent made everything so simple and easy - she was the beacon of knowledge for me! My interview went so well and I have her to thank for that. She ensured I was thoroughly prepared and was in touch through the whole process. I got my number 1 choice job and location. It was also a lovely touch coming home after my first day to a wee box of "good luck" goodies.

It's hard to say if there was a challenging part of the process - everything went so smooth. I guess it's always pretty stressful when you submit your visa incase you've done it wrong or missed information but after it taking a fair bit of time, it went really smoothly too.

I used to live in New Zealand however worked in an adventure lodge and was around travellers a lot. This was my first experience of completely moving away from home and working as a nurse in another country.

My favourite thing about the country is probably the non-exsistence of the "keeping up with the Jones'" attitude. Everyone does their own thing here and buys things for the practicality of it (unless you do a Kmart spending spree).

What I really miss the most is Robinsons juice... and the family of course. In all seriousness it is hard leaving people behind but the world has became a smaller place with social media and technology that I probably speak to my family more now than at home and I'm lucky that they're in a position to visit.

My advice if you're planning to come to NZ is to prepare everything and research. Join facebook groups with like minded people and ask advice. Get opinions because I know that this country isn't for everyone but that's what makes it so special - like minded people. I'm lucky I'm in a good position with my partner and I'm supported by his family and our friends, I can understand how it will be hard for someone coming here themselves. What I'd say is if you're here for the right reasons it will be worth the struggle at the start.

In relation to work I find things very similar to back home. I think the major difference is the MECA - we have nothing like that at home and I'm enjoying the support and work/life balance I have here that I definitely didn't have in UK. I was so well supported with a 4 week orientation and everyone here has been so lovely! I couldn't have asked for an easier transition. I still have a lot to learn but that's why I'm in nursing as a career - learning new things everyday.



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