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Mei - Theatre Nurse from Malaysia

My name is Mei. I am a theatre nurse from Malaysia. I worked in Malaysia and Singapore before coming to New Zealand in March 2019. The process to come to New Zealand took me about 5 months.

Thanks to AHR, the process for me to come to New Zealand, from interview to applying for a work visa, was quite smooth. AHR helped me the entire way.

New Zealand is a friendly country. Things move at a much slower pace, makes life much less stressful.

My advice if you are planning to come to New Zealand is start your process now without hesitation. You will never regret coming to work in such a beautiful country. They have best work-life balance (which I have adapted well to) and of course also the sexiest accent. I feel less stressed, and have much more support and respect in my current role compare to my previous role.

Things I really miss from Malaysia are family, friends and food.

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