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Nikki - Paediatric Nurse

Accent Health Recruitment provided an excellent service. Without them I would have found it a lot harder to find a job. They were there every step of the way, even providing me with practice interview questions which were great and really helped with my interview. I can't recommend them enough. Thank you to the team at accent.

My Name is Nicola I am a Paediatric Nurse. I came to NZ in October from the UK and the process to come to NZ took me approximately 6 months.

The easiest part of the process was getting a working holiday visa and the most challenging part of the process was registering with the nursing council.

My first impressions of NZ were: We landed in hail however I didn't let this put me off as the weather soon picked up and it has been glorious weather for the past 6 months.

The best parts of NZ are: I love heading north, towards the bay of Islands. Still need to explore the Coromandel. The South Island is also amazing and definitely worth a visit.  What I miss the most is family, however skype really helps with this.

My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is to get involved in the community; join in with things that interest you and you will soon meet new people and make friends.  I haven't regretted my move over to NZ, it’s a beautiful place to live.


The main difference between my current role and my previous position is the type of work, i.e. I previously worked on a liver ward and now I am doing orthopaedics. I am learning a lot and enjoying gaining new skills.

The actual nursing is very similar to the UK so it was an easy transition.

In my current role, we have a whiteboard on the wall, so you can see who has which patients, who has been discharged, who is to come in. I think it’s a really good system that works well in keeping everyone up to date with the situation on the ward.

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