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Nikos - Emergency Department Nurse, Timaru

My name is Nikos Hollis and I’m a Registered Nurse from the state of Colorado, USA.  I moved to New Zealand with my wife and two small children in September of 2012 to a job as an RN in the Timaru Hospital Emergency Department.  

Accent Health Recruitment provided an incredible service in getting myself and my family over, and in ironing out all of the details that were involved. I initially got in touch with them 18 months before we wanted to arrive after reading several of the case studies on their websites and they definitely lived up to their reputation.

Kristin and Prudence were both very helpful; listening to my preferences and keeping me up to date on what was needed next. They made getting my NZ nursing license as simple as it could be, and provided much needed support when my visa application was returned for the second time due to user error (and only two weeks before leaving!).

Kristin made sure my application got to the places I was interested in and helped set up two interviews over Skype. Those interviews both turned into job offers and before I knew it I had a job waiting for me! When we arrived in Christchurch Kristin met us at the gate and drove all four of us and our mountain of bags to a prearranged lodging and even entrusted us with a car for those first hectic couple of days. This meant that remembering to keep on the left side of the road was the hardest thing we had to deal with!

Once we were settled in the team from Accent Health Recruitment made sure to check in regularly and made us feel very welcome indeed. Our experience in New Zealand was invaluable and we hope to be able to return again someday.

When we do, Accent Health Recruitment will be the first ones we call.  Many thanks and good luck in your own adventures



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