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Sarah - Registered Nurse

My name is Sarah, I’m a Registered Nurse from the UK and came to New Zealand in August 2020. The process to get me into New Zealand took about 8 months with the easiest part getting offered a job.

The most challenging part of the process was getting all my paperwork together for CGFNS which is part of the registration process for the NZNC. I qualified as a nurse 16 years ago, so didn't have all the paperwork required, it took some time & extra expenses to obtain all the information required. Plus having to get documents notarized during the COVID lockdown when most offices were closed. I fully recommend using the online service Notarycam which makes life a lot easier!

We arrived at 10pm and were taken straight to a hotel in Auckland for managed isolation, so it was 2 weeks before we actually got to see any of NZ. Although managed isolation was not anywhere near as hard as I'd expected it to be, we were so pleased to be outside. We travelled straight to our booked motel 2 hours away from Auckland in Whangarei where we are now living. We were amazed at the beautiful scenery & beaches, the people have been so nice & helpful from the real estate agents to the motel owner to locals & our employers, everyone has wanted to help us.

We still have so much exploring to do! Up to now I'd have to say the work life balance is the best part of being in New Zealand. Being able to come home from work with enough time & energy to do things as a family. I do miss my parents & sister. It wasn't an easy decision to move to NZ & leave them behind. Although I have missed seeing them, I am sure this is the right decision for us as a family.

If I could offer any advice it would be to plan ahead & don't procrastinate. If you have made the decision to make the move, put the wheels in motion asap.

Some similarities and differences between the UK and NZ:
Much better hours of work (8 hour shifts instead of 12) scheduled break times, better rates of pay based on clinical experience which allows you to have far better work/ life balance.
Some medications & paperwork are different, abbreviations & some terminology is different. Maori words/names can be tricky to pronounce.
Patient care is the same, so giving advice to patients is the same/similar. Postoperative/surgical care is the same.

I'd like to thank Kristin at Accent for being so helpful & patient with me during the whole process. She helped me with so much more than just getting a job!!!



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