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Sharon - Registered Nurse, Christchurch

I am a UK registered nurse, my name is Sharon Anderson (known as Sharri).  We have achieved our dream and that's our life here in Christchurch!!!!!!!!!

I work at Christchurch Hospital.  I came to NZ with my husband Gordon and youngest daughter Chelsea in November 2009 from Scotland in the UK.  The whole process to come to NZ took me 9 months from starting our application to arriving in NZ.  Accent Health Recruitment was the agency we choose to help us, and they got me and interview and a job in Christchurch.

To be honest, the process, we were leaving family and friends behind and that was hard.  The most challenging part of the process was Immigration.  Not an easy process at all lots of challenges along the way.

My first impressions of NZ were it was a lovely place with stunning scenery.  The best parts of NZ are the people, Kiwis are very friendly and supportive, and they will do anything to make you feel at home.

I do miss my family, we have grown up children still in Scotland, and we miss them dearly.  My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is to do a lot of research and be 100% committed to your new life.  Bear in mind your skills are in demand.  My advice is to get in touch with someone who has actually conquered the whole immigration process, that way you are guaranteed to get good honest impartial information that could help you make the biggest decision of your life.

It’s our biggest regret we sold up everything back home.  We arrived with a suit case each because we were told it was cheaper to buy new things than ship.  Definitely not.  We were given the wrong advice and ended up spending most of our savings kept for a deposit on a house on general household needs.

On a positive note though after 9 months we have bought a beautiful house in a lovely area, you do get a lot more house for your money here, that part is true.

On a whole we love life here and wouldn't even think about going back.  But it does take time to settle into the new culture and the way of life here, there are lots of challenges ahead to conquer but with determination you can succeed and have a wonderful life.  One final thought: if it’s quality of life you are after for you and your family NZ is definitely the place to be.  On the other hand if it’s to make lots of money, then you maybe want a different direction.



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