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Sheena - Anaesthetic Technician

My name is Sheena Ali, and I am an Anaesthetic Technician (ODP).  I came to New Zealand in October 2012 from Oxford, United Kingdom.

The process of coming to New Zealand took roughly 3-6 months but this was because of other commitments.  Send forms off on time as soon as you decide you want this change in your life!

I am a keen cyclist and a runner and I also play basketball - I am in paradise here as I can play sports every single day after work because the skies are always blue in New Zealand.  Well, in the summer anyway. The parks are beautiful and very family oriented, most have built in BBQs. The best part about New Zealand is the beaches! There are hundreds of them, and after a long day at work, one relaxes with a trip to the beach and a swim in the blue sea.

My first impression of New Zealand was that it was very British, but greener.  Everything is slightly similar to the UK, but calmer and slower - much more chilled out.  It is also very clean and friendly.

The hardest thing I found was the medicals for the permanent residency visa.  They are a nightmare but do them as soon as possible because unfortunately you need them for a work visa to be approved.

The most I miss about UK (Oxford) is the history and good television programs but I am out most evenings so it’s not that bad.  I miss my friends dearly, I miss my good old banter and British jokes and sense of humor and I miss family and being able to pop to friends and hang out.  Most of all I miss the choice of things we have in regards to shops, club nights out, transports because here everyone drives, furnished rental properties but the beauty of New Zealand is worth more than all the above.



How do I get registered in New Zealand? How much will I get paid in New Zealand? Where is the best place to work in New Zealand? Do my children need visas for New Zealand? For answers to these questions and more, check out our FAQs page.


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