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Tanelle - Physiotherapist

My name is Tanelle, I’m a Physiotherapist from Australia. It took me about 4 months with the process to come to New New Zealand. The easiest part of the process was choosing to come to NZ. The most challenging part of the process was deciding what to pack in my luggage, and the 14 days of quarantine.
My first impressions of NZ were that everyone is so damn friendly. I thought Aussies were friendly, but this is next level nice. Also the amazing beauty of the place. The best parts of NZ are that almost every hike I’ve done so far has a waterfall. One main thing I do miss is the warmer weather of Australia. My advice if you are planning to come to NZ is definitely DO IT! If you can, get some contacts in the area that you’re moving to, I feel like this helps with settling in. Take as much time as you can to explore NZ, try to think of it as a working holiday. There is just so much to see and do here. The more I travel, the more I find to do. The lists get longer, not shorter. The major differences between my current role in NZ and my previous is how much physios were asked to see someone because they wanted a walking frame for home (in my old workplace they were encouraged to purchase themselves on discharge). The job was very similar to what I was doing previously, so it was mostly all the new paperwork I had to learn. It was interesting and different to focus more an emphasis on the community here in NZ.


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