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Tanya - Children's Nurse, Auckland

I arrived in New Zealand May 2012.  I had been working with Accent Health Recruitment since the fall, and finally had all the paper work done and a job offer!  Accent Health Recruitment has been a great help, dealing as the go-between person, helping me figure out the paperwork, and sending chocolate with the post!!

I started at Starship Children's Hospital, a part of the Auckland District Health Board.  I was given 3 weeks of orientation with another Canadian girl, so it was great to have similar education backgrounds.  Now I am "on my own", but the staff here are great, very friendly and helpful, so I'm catching on quite quickly.  There are quite a few similarities to Canadian health care systems, but there are also a lot of differences.  Either way, great to see and to learn something more.

I moved into a house with other Working Visa people from all over the world.  It has been great, as they are available and willing to adventure with me, and be a good resource.  There are also other nurses from other countries here who are also excited to see and do things in and around Auckland!

With the 12 hours shifts, I am able to have more time off, so I've already done a bit, but have lots of ideas of places to go and things to do on my days off!!

This is a much nicer winter then the Canadian ones back home, and so far it is a great experience to be in a new city in the Southern Hemisphere!!


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